Our organization puts
the customers’ satisfaction first
in everything we do 


First of all my sincere gratitude and thanks are due to the Almighty Allah. I wouldlike to express my heartiest greetingsto all of our valued customers and all of my employees. Salam & Brothers is an organisation (ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified) which is not fond of only business & profit but also it beliefs in the Quality Servicesto the valued customers who are involved in development of Power Sector of thecountry beside Bangladesh Government. We are committed to Quality Service tillthe door of our valued customers & to our society also. Being a part of the teamwho are trying to improve the Power System of the country, we feel proud. “Soldgoods are not taken back” this line is not applicable for us. Because, we supply goods for fulfilling our valued customers’ requirements. If supplied goods is notsuitable for them, we must take return back. Commitment is our capital. Customers’ satisfaction is our gratification.

Our company puts the customer first in everything we do, a commitment consistent with our policy to provide customers with a superior range of products and the finest possible quality. Inspired by this basic principle, we strive to tailor management strategies to ensure rapid response to every customer need. With this approach as our motivating principle, we seek to strengthen our business foundations while making even greater contributions within the international community.

To respond quickly and accurately to customer demand, a company must be efficiently managed. Rest assured that we at Salam & Brothers have dedicated ourselves to strengthening and improving the efficiency of our business operations. Although most prominent in the technical sphere, our dedication goes well beyond that area; we're also active in improving efficiency in development, production, and sales. Our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction, a goal that demands not just the best products, but the highest quality technologies and services

Abdus Salam Chowdhury
Managing Director

Salam & Brothers Ltd.